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    The most difficult part of each move is the safe removals. Due to their size and weight a professional safe moving equipment and skills are required. We know how to move a safe! What about you?

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    It is not always to move the safe using the standard way namely the doors. We have moved safe through the windows, roofs or fire escape stairs. The safe moving equipment we have come true in even most complex and difficult projects.

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    Whether you are moving a house or office there is a chance you possess a safety vault. Whether it is a small cash and jewellery vault or a large firearm safety vault we can move it.

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Do you struggle to .relocate heavy fireproof filing cabinets?

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Are you relocating? let us move your safety vault!

Safety vaults relocation

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Every business has to undergo the stages of ups and downs in its life span. When business expands and grows, you will find the need to move it to a more spacious and prominent area of the city. Sometimes, during your profession, when this time arrives, you will need some direction to achieve a steady and reliable move. This piece of write-up is intended to help you find all the learning you require to move the filing cabinet yourself.

In order to have a fully active and functional office, organization is a must. Also, it is more likely the office has more than one filing cabinet to keep important papers in order. Few filing cabinets appear tiny and so; there would not be any problem in moving them. However, at times even a little cabinet can turn to be a difficult one because of its contents. It is very often heavy and cumbersome to move due to the records; still if you empty the cabinet you risk losing essential documents as well.

Here is a complete outline of how to avoid mishaps and errors. It will make this task a much simpler; this article is designed to give valuable advice on how to relocate fireproof filing cabinets, safes and safety vaults..


How to move a safe, fireproof cabinet or a safety vault?

The best way to relocate heavy items like safety vaults of fireproof cabinets is to use specialist safe movers.

Our safe removal company has a vast experience in moving large and awkward to move house and office equipment.

By utilizing professional safe moving tools like stairclimber, moving dollies, cargo straps and bands, busy lifts, sliders, lifting jacks and more.

Contact removals London we know how to move a safe, fireproof filing cabinet or a safety vault!

Tips for moving a fireproof filing cabinet

If you own a filing cabinet you may require moving it sometimes, either you're moving office, home or just want to transfer it a few feet away to clean the area. In such circumstances, you will need to take some care in order to complete the job without difficulties or setbacks. The amount of stuff we put in them makes a filing cabinet much heavy. In order to achieve an easier move, the furniture should be made as light as possible. Which means removing entire contents of the cabinet?

Moving a safe in LondonTo secure that no file is misplaced or left behind, we should empty the drawers one at a time and place the material into a moving box with labels. To make reorganizing and packing an easy job, number and label the boxes and drawers. It will be simpler to understand what goes where.

When the cabinet is cleared off, close the drawers. This will prevent them from slamming or opening while being transferred. Try utilizing moving tape to ensure the doors in place, if you do not have a lock. Instantly you are set for your office move!

Different options are available to move the cabinet depending on the extent you is moving it and its size. In case you have a small cabinet, and it has to be moved only a few feet in the room, just put a blanket under the cabinet and drag the cabinet to its new position. On the opposite side, if you're relocating a bulky and heavy filing cabinet or if you are transferring it to a long distance, you will require special facilities.

Hiring London safe removals is one of the best options when oving a safe.

These include furniture straps and trolley; ideally one should use a strap for each cabinet. Today, people are well informed about their belonging and important documents. No one wants to risk of loss of documents. At the same time, people also not want to face the damage of their necessary belongings, like jewellery, keys and other small but significant things. To provide very high protection against fire and other harmful things, removals services are now offering people safe, and fireproof is filling cabinets. These cabinets are specially made to save all small and valuable things. These cabinets are available in many sizes and shapes. The best thing about these cabinets is, they can bear fire and shocks both efficiently, but still your things will be safe inside them.

Available in various sizes:

Since people have recognized the benefits of using fireproof filling cabinets, they are always demanding to have it for removals of their luggage. One thing you should know that you could also ask the removals service to provide the fireproof filling cabinets. They keep such moving storage boxes with them, but they charge little extra for hiring these safe cabinets. For sure, you will not need for than two or three cabinets because they are enormous. Only two or three will be enough to keep your whole important documents, jewellery, money and other important things safely.

Safe and fireproof filling cabinets Movers

Fireproof security systems:

It is risky to move things without perfect fire protection in removals van. No one can predict how safe your luggage will while moving in the vehicle is. You should be ready for all damaging conditions, and you can do it by using fire proof filing cabinets. They can easily protect your whole essential things from fire more than two or three hours. If any accident occurs with the removals van, then no need to worry about it. All-important things will be safe and secure in fireproof cabinets.

It also offers excellent protection against robbery:

If you are a working person or a businessman, you will have many important files and documents related to your work. For sure you can keep some documents with you, but naturally, it is difficult to keep all of them with you. Fireproof cabinets also provide us great protection against theft. You will get these cabinets with good quality locking system. The keys will be in your pocket; so removals services will move those cabinets to your new location safely. For bigger equipment check machinery movers.

Safe movers London provide free survey and quote. We can cope with every type and size of safes.

Should you purchase fireproof cabinets?

Safety vault removalsThere is no significant issue in purchasing fireproof cabinets because they are large and work as your safety guards to protect your valuable things. You can keep them in your office or business place and put entire relevant documents in them. Unfortunately, if the fire catches to your business place in the future, your whole important data and belongings will be safe in fireproof cabinets. By the way, if you are considering keeping these cabinets in your home, it may affect your budget. You can buy one fire-proof cabinet to keep the jewellery, important documents safe in it.

Good for maintaining privacy:

This is another great benefit of using fireproof cabinets. If you have hired removals service for moving your company to a brand-new location, you will surely need secure safes to keep confidential data. You cannot expect great protection of your documents in cartons or simple moving boxes. Anyone can open packing of usual moving boxes, and you may face problems because of it. Ask the removals service to provide fireproof cabinets so that you can keep private details and files safely during removals. All the professionals are now moving their business files in such cabinets, which work like safe to protect confidential files and documents. Contact London safe removal companies for a cheap and careful move.  

Choose right fireproof cabinets according to your needs:

As I have cited above, there are distinctly remarkable benefits of using fire-proof cabinets. Now you have to decide that which kind of cabinets you need for moving your belongings. You can choose simple cabinets with fire protection. These types’ of cabinets are great for home removals because you can easily keep lots of books and small household articles into these safe type cabinets. But, if you are moving your office to a new location, then hire safe and fireproof filling cabinets with locking system. Thus, your important files and document will be protected from fire and robbery also.

Safe and fireproof filling cabinets are available online for purchase, if you want them to keep in your home or office for good protection against fire. These cabinets are available in medium, large and extra large sizes making it easier for you to choose according to your needs. These cabinets have capacity to bear for stocks more than two hours easily. Additionally, these cabinets save your valuable belongings from damage also. All in all, fireproof filling cabinets are great to keep every important file, jewellery, documents safe while shifting of home or office. A lot of people are opting it, and you should also get it for safe and secure removals.

Safe moving companies London will help you out to move your safety vaults. Find out how much it is to move a safe. Get cheap moving costs