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    Whether it's just one server move or a full room of server racks we have the right solution for you! Cheap, professional and always as planned! Meet our IT engineer to see our portfolio.

  • Moving data center

    Full server decommissioning and recommissioning, software installation, cable management and testing. Fast delivery to the new data center and set-up. Dedicated team of project manager, IT engineers and server movers

  • Server disposal and recycling

    Server recycling

    > Computer recycling
    > Server racks disposal
    > IT equipment resell
    > Computer rapair

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Server relocation London


Each server relocation is carried out by IT engineers and supervised by project manager

Machinery maintenance


Servers are moved vast and most often after office hours to minimize the downtime

Data center movers London


Full range of data center relocation services.


London Server and IT equipment Movers

As a leader in the IT moving industries, we provide a number of services relating to server and IT equipment removals. We can relocate a single server as well as the entire data center, computer network and a Telecom network. We have a team of professional IT engineers who will guide you throughout the server relocation stages. They will work with you to plan the best relocation strategy suitable to your needs. They are also capable of dismantling and properly packing your server and IT equipment for relocation. Contact us for a free online on-site survey to plan your server move in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and across the UK.


Server moves London

If you hire server moves London to provide these data center removals for your business, you are taking the stress and moving responsibility off your shoulder. You should have rest of mind because you have gotten one of the best London server moving company with the required expertise and wealth of experience in the IT moving industry. Our server moves experts in London know the necessary steps and requirement for such types of services and they are poised to offer you quality solutions. We have successfully handled such server relocation for big businesses across all the UK and they were all satisfied. So, we are hopeful that you will be satisfied like them. 

London server moves

IT moving Services:

  • Free costs estimate, advice and quote with no obligation
  • De-racking, relocation and re-racking of servers
  • Decommissioning and recommissioning of PC equipment
  • Testing, recycling and new equipment and software supply
  • Checking/Confirmation of Inventory
  • Attend planning/strategy and management meetings
  • Risk assessment and identification
  • Cable management
  • Space planing - server room diagram
  • Safe removals London

Server relocation London

Best server movers London is the UK 's leading IT relocation service provider, specialising in server relocation. Our London server moving company is committed to offering a complementary array of IT relocation services to support businesses during their corporate IT and computer equipment relocation as part of a major change period. As one of the leading server removal companies in London we organise and manage UK-based and international IT equipment relocations and transport services, primarily for computer Servers and PCs.

  • Server moving companies LondonBusiness requirements analysis
  • Full IT relocation London pre- and post-project management
  • Asset audit and labelling
  • Server Relocation London - de-racking and re-racking
  • Decommissioning and recommissioning of PC equipment
  • Computer removals London and re-installation
  • IT equipment, computer, server recommissioning and testing
  • Cable management of IT and electronic equipment
  • Ongoing review and support where required
  • Cheap moving crates hire London
  • Wealso offer warehouse relocation

London Data Center removal companies offer a comprehensive site survey to assess the requirements, understand the time constraints and the existing environment as well as apply resources to deliver and implement server removals programme. Server Relocation companies provide a wide range of computers relocation London and computer moving services that can be tailored to your individual requirements. Server Removals London are the leading computer moving company, business migration and IT network moving consultants in London. London server movers organise and manage UK-based and international relocations and transport services, primarily for computers, Servers, telephones, laptops, docking stations, screens, projectors and PCs.

International Server moves

Our server relocation services are available to you across all Europe. We can relocate your data center to Austria, move your servers to Germany, or transport your IT equipment to France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Italy, Poland and more. Server and IT equipment are very delicate and require expertise and skills when they are being moved. If you are moving your server and IT equipment to your new business location or you acquired one and you are looking for a London office removal company to relocate a data center for you, it is important that you hire a reliable and reputable moving company with the required expertise and experience to move such delicate tools. Having being in the moving industries for years and having successfully relocated many servers and IT equipment for various businesses and institutions, we feel glad to tell you that we are the right server and IT equipment mover you need. We offer a number of server and IT equipment relocation services tailor made to suit every need.

Though, we based in the UK but our relocation services are not only limited to the UK. We can relocate servers and other IT equipment from London, Brighton, Cardiff, Nottingham, Reading, Plymouth, Cambridge, Ipswich, Norfolk, Leicester or from Derby to various countries in Europe and across the globe. We work with many server relocation companies that have bases in many countries like Finland, Norway, Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany and more.. 

London server movers are quite aware of the delicate nature of such tools and thus we will be very careful in handling them. Our experts will apply their many years of experience and expertise when dismantling your server and IT equipment to ensure that nothing happens to them. Our server and IT equipment relocation service include but not limited to the following:

  • cable management of server equipment such as decommissioning and recommissioning of pc equipment  and desktop pc roll-outs
  • server relocations which include installation of new equipment and de-racking and re-racking of servers
  • corporate relocation services
  • recycling and disposal of redundant it equipment
  • London Server racks and Machinery removals

London Data center movers

We know that there are other businesses that are ready to offer you their server racks dismantling and moving services. But we are confident that you will get quality services from us. If you care about your business and you will like your server and IT equipment to be relocated safely and successfully, then you should consider hiring our services.

As a customer oriented moving company, we put the need of our business first. Our experts will work according to plan and your requirements. Server relocation can interrupt business activities. But our experts will take the necessary measures to ensure that your business activities are not interrupted throughout the process of the server relocation. So, you will not be losing your customers in the process. We also offer server removals in Stratford, removals in Islington or removals Ealing and in removals in Clapham.

Server relocation London know the importance of security during server relocation service. So, we guarantee you unequal security during the process. We have taken the necessary steps to ensure the security of your server. Our vehicles are well equipped to ensure safe and discreet moving of your servers. None of the data in your system will be lost during the moving process.

Our London data center moving services are tailored made to meet the needs of our clients. If you have any specific needs, do not hesitate to discuss it with our experts. They will always work out a moving plan suitable to your needs.

We have efficient customer service which is available on 24/7 basis. You can contact them anytime you want. During the move, you will be update on every stage until your server is delivered to the final location.

Other reasons why you should hire our services are:

  • reliability
  • experience
  • commitment
  • flexible service, dedicated, experience, good price, server and office clearance London

We have beaten our competitors in these areas. This is why our clients have continued to use our services and refer people to us. Call us today to wind out how much is to move servers in London.