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    The success of your project depends on the professionalism and experience of the demolition contractor. Hire experts offering safe and cost-effective services including building demolition, waste management, hazardous material handling

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    Notwithstanding a building is standing aside with lots of free space around, or it is located in the close proximity to other structures, our professional demolition services will minimize impact on surrounding area.

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    Using the latest methods, our qualified crew can undertake any kind of industrial dismantling and deplanting project. We offer comprehensive services, from planning and project management, through dismantling process, to waste management.

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Demolition planning

For each project we offer detailed planning, allowing to determine scope of works and acquire required permits.

Demolition services

Variety of methods and techniques used: soft strip, floor by floor, long reach, explosive demolition.

Demolition waste management


Our waste management strategy allows to retain as much value as possible by re-using or selling of salvage materials.


Demolition Contractors London

Machinery used by demolition companies

London building demolition is a vital aspect of urban development. In view of ageing of existing structures and the need to rehabilitate them or to make room for new ones, the opportunities for deconstruction and demolition services in London expand.

Nowadays, demolition services denote a variety of tasks encapsulating a whole range of complex services, beginning with preparing a site for a new construction to be built, through salvaging of materials from demolished constructions, to the removal of materials, including hazardous ones, which may be cumbersome for contractors who do not specialise in such kind of activities.

Whether it is needed to remove a building standing aside with lots of free space around, or a home or apartment in the close proximity to other structures, with the use of our professional demolition companies London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol and across the UK you may rest assured that impact on your neighbours will be minimised due to us combining our expertise and specialised tools and meeting highest standards applicable in the industry. Simply phone us today to find out how much it is to demolish private house, commercial sites, warehouses, buildings, construction partitions and more.

We primarily focus on safety of not only the demolition team, but also the surrounding structures and people, which seems to be the most critical issue once one thinks of demolition services. We are not only a trustworthy London demolition company that provides high quality services safely, but we are among that type of demolition contractors in London which are not afraid of any kind of task relating to the demolition and deconstruction process. We are fully responsible for a demolition project from the very beginning to the very end taking care of demolition of the structure, removing building materials and scattered debris, and leaving the site in an appropriate order. Apart from demolition services we also offer office removals London.


Building Demolition companies London

Our services of building demolition in London, Reading, Guildford, Colchester, Brighton, Cambridge, Swindon, Edinburgh and in all Wales, England and Scotland can be done by using different methods and techniques, but all of them taking into account good practices to be implemented while performing demolition of various building types in order to ensure minimising the risk of causing damage to public properties, risk to people working on site as well as risk of damaging the neighbouring structures and environment. And as long as different building demolition services may vary one from another, a prior careful planning by means of surveys and relevant assessment shall be the issue that links all of them. Our professional building demolition costs estimator is always ready to pay you a visit and survey your site to tell you how much does it costs to have your commercial site demolished by professional London demolition company.

We use soft-strip demolition services when there are no structural elements of the building to be removed in cases when the building will undergo a major refurbishment or as part of preparation to demolition. As long as the soft-strip services exclude interference in building structure, they consist of interior stripping actions that include, i.a. removal of floor coverings, any installations and systems such as lightning, heating, cables, air conditioning system, as well as removal of utilities: water, gas, etc. Soft-strip techniques allow us also to effectively salvage all recyclable materials prior to the building demolition.

Long reach building demolition

In the case of high-rise structures, our London demolition services include floor by floor building deconstruction which is a demanding and challenging type of building demolition. Due to the risk a high building may pose to adjacent structures while being demolished, it is not always possible to use long-reach machinery. This kind of demolition technique requires however a soft-strip services to be performed in the first place. Having the building soft-stripped of any installations, systems, doors, windows etc., so that it is only a concrete shell what is left, the building may be demolished from the top to the bottom floor by floor. Very often a crane is mounted to facilitate bringing excavators or any other necessary equipment at the relevant floor.

As a professional building demolition contractor in London we offer careful investigation and thoughtful planning in order to assess the number of cranes, excavators needed to the effective demolition of a particular structure. We also offer machinery removals in London.

In order to facilitate demolition of high-rise structures as well as reduce risk posed to people working at heights our London demolition crew employs long- and high-reach demolition machinery. We select different attachments to our machines to adjust the to the needs of a particular building and its demanding elements such as steel structures or reinforced concrete. Demolition with the use of long- ad high-reach machinery is not only effective and minimising risk to people on site. Another advantage is that such machinery emit relatively low noise, which is much appreciated in cities and confined spaces.

Any building may be also effectively demolished with the use of explosives, especially when it's structure includes steel structures and reinforced concrete. It takes a lot of time to prepare such demolition, as there are number of extremely vital issues to be considered prior to the use of explosives. The preparation time is later equalled however by the time of building demolition itself, as it collapses in seconds.

Our experienced London explosive demolition crew takes into account all relevant procedures and actions to be taken to safely knock the building down such as: conducting a survey, which helps determining where the explosives shall be placed, direction of building collapsing, identification and removal of hazardous materials, test blasts to determine explosive weights, protecting the explosion area and erection of blast shielding, indicating the exclusion zone, determining persons to be evacuated prior to the use of explosives etc. All the actions are properly recorded in project documentation to make sure all relevant steps have been accurately taken.

Do not waste time and phone our very affordable, competitive, cheap and professional building contractors London that cover all the UK - Acton, Barking, Barnes, Barnet, Bexley, Brent, Brentford, Brixton, Bromley, Camden, Chelsea, Chingford, Chiswick, Clapham, Croydon, Dagenham, Dartford, Dulwich, Ealing, Enfield, Epsom, Finchley, Fulham, Greenwich, Hackney, Hammersmith, Hampstead, Haringey, Harrow, Havering, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Ilford, Islington, Kensington, Kingston upon Thames, Lambeth, Lewisham, Merton, Newham, Putney, Redbridge, Richmond upon Thames, Romford, Southwark, Stratford, Streatham, Sutton, Tottenham, Tower, Hamlets, Twickenham, Uxbridge, Waltham Forest, Wandsworth, Westminster, Wimbledon and Wood Green. Over many years we have designed a very reliable commercial demolition cost calculator which help us work out prices for most complex projects. We can also offer you a professional warehouse relocation.


Commercial Demolition in London

Our London Demolition activities include industrial and commercial demolition. The first one generally relates to demolition taking place in industrial or factory settings. Typical London industrial demolition undertakings relate inter alia to chemical and pharmaceutical plants, food processing plants or power plants. Commercial demolition in London relates on the other hand to stores, office buildings, warehouses, etc. There are many cities which previously served as a hub of industrial activity face economic and social decline nowadays.

This leaves cities with a fair number of abandoned buildings which need to be removed so that the sites may be prepared for a new use. In the case of industrial and commercial buildings demolition is rather understood not as a complete knocking a building down and clearing the site for a future use, but means in most cases dismantling the construction, salvaging and recycling all the materials that may be re-used and removing the remaining debris to the landfill. An important role in demolition of London commercial and industrial buildings is played by the professional equipment and machines such as cranes, excavators and other. Before we start demolishing your commercial site we can carry out a professional office clearance in London.

Dismantling And De-planting in London

Many industrial demolition projects involve removing an obsolete or damaged part of a plant structure or system while the entire facility remains fully operating. In that case we offer London dismantling and deplanting services. Such process requires taking extra safety precautions and careful planning so as not to make harm to the factory workers as well as minimally affect the production process of the plant.

Dismantling a wide range of process, mechanical and chemical plant installation while other parts of the plant remain in operation, even in environment of high-risk nature, poses no problem as we offer London de-planting services supported with utilising a number of innovative dismantling techniques. The proximity of live operating facility makes us aware of the need of taking extra safety precautions and careful planning.

Hazardous Material Handling in London

Asbestos removal in LondonWe are well aware of fact that we may encounter a number of hazardous materials on site during any demolition project in London. These are any materials that may cause harm to people, animals or environment either directly or when getting into interaction with other factors. Generally, materials are considered hazardous if present characteristics as toxicity, ignitability, corrosivity or reactivity.

The process of removal of hazardous materials in London typically consists of the following actions to be taken. First of all a survey by a qualified individual should be conducted so as to identify any hazardous materials that may be present at the site. A report from the survey includes characteristics, location and approximate quantity of the material discovered. Then our London hazardous materials handling team equipped with personal protection equipment remove and dispose of hazardous materials in accordance with applicable standards.

This is the process which should never be performed by yourself as it poses a serious threat to your health and no online tutorial can prepare you to remove any of hazardous substance in a safe manner. So you should always call our team and ask for hazardous material removal London services. Compare urgent, last minute demolition services in London, Aberdeen, Chester, Peterborough, Cardiff, Croydon, Ipswich, Norwich, Ealing, Stratford, Camden and many more.

Asbestos Removal in London

On many demolition jobs in London there are found materials containing asbestos, which is highly dangerous when inhaled or ingested. Our London demolition company is extensively experienced in removing insulation and coatings containing asbestos from a variety of environments, from industrial to residential ones in a safe and efficient manner.

Asbestos is usually removed by hand or with the use of power tools. We never use pneumatic tools when handling asbestos in order the asbestos fibres are not blown into the air. We are professional asbestos removalists in London, we offer services for both private and industrial properties. Hire our London demolition and asbestos removal company to safely dispose asbestos from industrial units, roofs, sheds, garages and private houses. While we are carrying out your site demolition in London you may need our business storage solutions.

Lead Abatement

Apart from the asbestos, also lead may be found in the buildings constructed before the 1980's. It may be present in some building materials, such as window frames or paint. In most cases debris coated with a leas-based paint are handled as a normal waste as long as tested for Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure prove it to be below the Maximum Contamination Levels. In other cases we offer lead debris removal in London in accordance to applicable standards to provide a proper environmental management. If you suspect presence of lead in private or commercial property, you should use our services of lead paint removal in London. Our professional team can do professional lab tests which will determine the presence of lead at your property.


Scrap Metal Handling And Recycling

Except for hazardous materials or substances, one may also encounter lots of steel at their demolition site, either as a primary supporting structure of the building or parts of various installations as piping or ductwork. There are a few options you may choose from while thinking what to do with steel components present in your demolition project, but not all of them are worth considering. This certainly includes sending the scrap metal to the landfill at quite a high cost. A way better idea is to recycle steel, which is free of charge. But the option of the highest interest among clients is selling the salvage material, which helps minimising the project's costs.

Our cheap London demolition contractors offer scrap metal recycling in North West, South, East, and across all Greater London area helping clients recycle and sell scrap steel effectively saving their time and costs related to demolition project. In case there is a need to remove a steel structure from the site, we use professional equipment to cut steel into pieces easy to manage and ready to be recycled. In the event steel s structures are of a greater size, a professional London demolition companies uses sometimes explosives to knock it down. It therefore examines where the structure should be weakened and where are the supports that charges should be affixed to.

This way the structure collapses in a desired direction and then may be sliced into proper pieces. Before the steel may be recycled, demolition company has got one more task to do, i.e. sorting the material in order to separate radioactive materials and separate ferrous pieces from non-ferrous ones.

Concrete Crushing London

It is safe to say that concrete is the most widely used material in construction, therefore in a demolition process one may expect to deal with a fair amount of it. It is not so obvious at a first glance that old concrete is also a material which you may recycle and which definitely helps offsetting demolition project costs. Crushed concrete may be reused on site on a multiple ways, either for making a new concrete, or used for levelling, road bases, landscaping , structural filling and more. Various methods of re-using old concrete make concrete recycling a far more beneficial process than sending a great amount of the material to the landfill.

Do you need a national demolition company offering concrete crushing in London? We have the right equipment to crush any type of concrete material that can be easily recycled. As it's a part of our demolition solutions, it allows you to save money on your project. Because we provide on-site concrete crushing service in London area, there is no need to transport concrete debris outside the demolition site. Concrete crushing is a way of concrete salvaging and consists of several steps to be taken. First and foremost, in order to remove concrete from a building, the latter has to be torn down, often with the use of professional machinery such as long- and high-reach excavators further equipped with hammers, etc. Then the extraneous materials as glass, metal and other must be separated.

Furthermore, the demolition crew crushes the concrete into smaller pieces. This is managed either by bringing the concrete crusher on-site, which is filled with concrete with the use of excavators, or by taking the concrete to a recycling plant. If, having been crushed in the crusher, there are still some bigger pieces of concrete, the process repeats, and are crushed again. Lastly, to make sure there is no scrap metal in the crushed concrete, which might have gone through the crusher, the crew uses electromagnets to remove any pieces of metal. Here you can check our museum moving services.

Concrete crushing services

One may distinguish three main types of crushers used by largest London demolition firms. There are jaw crushers, where the concrete is crushed between two jaws oriented in vertical position. One of them remains in the same position all the time, while the other is a swing jaw moving forwards and backwards. All pieces of crushed concrete remain in place unless they are small enough to pass a crushing chamber. This ensures that all the pieces are of similar size and there are no greater ones that are more difficult to manage.

This kind of crushers uses a compressive force to handle the concrete. Impact crushers use an impact force on the other hand. They may be either crushers using force of a hammer positioned on a rotor, or ones that use a rotor with tips hitting the pieces of concrete against some kind of a hard surface, typically an anvil. The size of crushed concrete id determined by the rotor speed and distance at which the pieces are thrown against the anvil. There are also cone crushers, although not so often used as jaw and impact crushers. They crush concrete by closing the gaps between the mantle line adjusted on the central vertical spindle and concave liners adjusted to the crusher frame. When concrete pieces are small enough, they fall out through the opening designed at the bottom of the crusher for this purpose. Get in touch with us to calculate demolition costs. We can also provide average prices as well as fixed rate estimates.